Weekly Wisdom/Thoughts on Truth - "Be still and know that I am God"... - Psalm 46:10

"Be still and know that I am God"... 
- Psalm 46:10

"Too few people are living the life they really want to live. Life can be lived fully and richly. It all depends upon the decisions a person makes." 
- Raymond Charles Barker

We all want to make correct decisions with open eyes and a clear mind. We all have a desire to do the right thing. I believe that the most important thing to remember is to keep God as an ever-present reality and to make decisions based on the Truth principle that,
"Where God guides, God provides!"
God provides in a most abundant way, but there are rules we must follow which will help us in mastering the realm of decision-making. Making a decision in the heat of emotion, or in a hurry, is not wise. If we have to force our own way we are on the wrong track. We need to stop, think and take some appropriate time. 
As a small child and still today, I can remember my father giving me some very wise advice: "You do not have to decide on anything under pressure or in a rushed frame of mind. Think about it; do not be afraid of losing it. If it is yours, it will wait for you."
A Truth principle to remember is, "Whatever is ours by divine right of consciousness will always be available to us."  Ask for guidance; God's way is easy. He goes before us making our way safe, solid and secure.
God's unlimited good is everywhere present and awaits our acceptance. Let us make the decision to accept our blessings! Let us write down our goals, desires or aims, for it is very difficult to make decisions in life if there is no direction. At the same time, we will be flexible, leaving the final out-working to God.
Be willing to change if God's guidance is to do it differently. Good decisions open the floodgates of Heaven. When we keep in constant, conscious contact with God, decision-making becomes effortless. Where God guides, God provides!  God's way is easy!

Richest Blessings, 
Nancy Norman