"...Your faith has healed you." " (Mark 5:34) Weekly Wisdom/Thoughts on Truth

"...Your faith has healed you." "
(Mark 5:34)

"Wealth of consciousness will express itself in wealth of manifestation."
(Charles Fillmore)

My faith is strong and I am made whole, well and complete, exactly as God created me to be. When I stand on faith, I expect the answer to my prayer and the solution to be rushing towards me quickly, with ease and under grace. There is not a doubt in my mind that my prayer is answered. Faith does not depend on physical facts, but on God's loving Truth. It is this Truth that sets me free to experience life with health and vitality.

My faith grows and expands, for the healing force of God now works in and through me. I am open and receptive to God's perfect will for me. I let go of fear and anxiety knowing that God is at work in my life right now! I have the sure knowledge that God's healing power of vitality, strength and health are mine and I am made whole, well and strong.

Richest Blessings, 
Nancy Norman